Monday, March 18, 2013

Eat Away Your Seasonal Affective Disorder at Pagliacci Pizza

What do most Seattle residents do when faced with a torrential drizzle and three long weeks until first pitch at Safeco? Chase away the sorrow at the bottom of a 12-oz Americano? Hmmm, not a bad choice. But here at Pagliacci, they have an alternative plan of action for curing those seasonal blues.

You guessed it: Pizza!

There’s nothing more comforting when the wind cuts through your Northface jacket than two (three! four!) of your favorite slices. Come on in from the cold and let the hot steaming aroma of a Pagliacci pizza fog up those glasses!

They'll have ya even if you’re soppin’ wet. The Pagliacci staff welcomes you in with a genuine smile. The tables gleam silver, bright, and clean, as the warm wood backsplashes comfort your weary back.

When it’s time to order some pie, what famous Pagliacci combinations will provide the finest antidote to the day’s dour doldrums?

How about we start with the classic Spicy Chicken, covered in glorious, eye-opening Mama Li’l peppers? Bold red and glowing orange, they spew hot fire into your cold, damp world. Plus, the mozzarella and feta combo glistens bright in an olive oil base that tastes as good as it looks. Treat yourself to a brilliant shot of sunshine on this drab day.

The perfect companion for that sun-drenched slice is something with a strong earthy bent. The venerable Verde Primo, perhaps? With its lush green pesto and forest of artichoke hearts, mushrooms, and goat cheese, visions of a spring meadow will dance on your tongue. Oh man, I'm getting hungry just writing this!

We know it’s rough out there. Your jeans are soaked to the kneecap, your umbrella’s turned inside out, and you’re starting to think the sun is merely a myth. But it’s going to be okay. Come find your sliver of light with a tasty Pagliacci slice.

Tell ‘em the Matthew sent ya. 

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